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Carpet Cleaning – Do It Yourself or Hire A Pro?

While carpet has long been treasured as a warm and comfortable floor covering that muffles room noise and adds beauty to living spaces, it also acts as a magnet for dirt, stains and dust mites. Regular vacuuming helps prevent dust, pet hair and grit from settling deep into carpet fibers; however, most carpets benefit from annual cleaning to remove the abrasive debris that vacuuming cannot reach. Some homeowners opt to clean their carpets on their own, reasoning that they will save money by performing the work themselves. There are several reasons to choose professional carpet cleaning over do-it-yourself methods, however.


Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction, cleans carpets thoroughly by injecting hot water into carpet fibers. The process loosens dirt and kills bacteria and dust mites. Water and dirt are immediately drawn back into the machine, leaving little moisture in the carpet and shortening drying time. Special tools work to remove stubborn stains safely and effectively.

Homeowners may purchase or rent carpet cleaners, but these machines lack the power of professional carpet-cleaning systems. The cleaning solutions are weaker, and the machines leave a substantial amount of moisture in the carpet. Homeowners who lack the training of carpet-cleaning professionals may actually make stains worse by using solutions and cleaning methods unsuited for the stain they are trying to treat.


Many homeowners are surprised by the physical demands of carpet cleaning. Intensive cleaning requires a great deal of bending, kneeling and lifting of heavy equipment. Attempts to clean all portions of the carpet, including hard-to-reach areas, with the same thoroughness as a professional can be exhausting.


A number of homeowners choose to clean their carpets themselves to save money, but do-it-yourself carpet cleaning carries hidden costs. The cost of a carpet-cleaning machine can run into hundreds of dollars, while renting a machine requires an annual cash payout. Homeowners must also pay for cleaning supplies and any special cleaning attachments.

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning also carries the potential for expenses related to permanent carpet damage. Over-wetting the carpet can result in mold and mildew growth, while insufficient removal of chemicals attracts dirt and leads to the need for additional cleaning. Professionals, on the other hand, match cleaning methods and solutions to the type of carpet being treated, producing beautiful results and protecting the homeowner’s investment in the process.

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