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Tile and Grout Cleaning Services Hollister and Gilroy, CA

Tile is a great durable surface for kitchens and bathrooms, but food spills and soap scum can build up in the tile and in the grout, giving mold and bacteria a place to grow and thrive. Regular professional deep cleaning will keep tile free of these colonies of microbes.

Tile and grout in bathrooms are often exposed to humid and warm conditions, which encourages growth of mold and bacteria. Tile can be surprisingly porous, and grout especially is penetrable to moisture. All of the tiny holes in these surfaces, when constantly inundated with water, provide the perfect shelter for microbes.

Not all microbes are harmful, but mold and some bacterias are. Mold is particularly hard to get rid of once it has started a colony. This is why preventative cleaning is especially important. Mold is at worst an allergen that releases irritating spores, but it can be deadly. Furthermore, once mold is established, it quickly spreads. Mold that starts growing in damp bathroom grout can quickly spread into air vents where it is even more difficult to eradicate.

Care must also be taken to keep bacteria from flourishing on tile surfaces. Although it will not spread as drastically as mold, it can easily hitch a ride on anything set upon the tile surface. Contact lens supplies, makeup and medical supplies can become contaminated if they are set upon a dirty tile surface. Cleaning will keep these tile surfaces from becoming hazardous.

Kitchen floors are the other popular location for tile and grout. While kitchen conditions are not as moist as bathrooms and will not encourage mold growth as much, kitchen floors often gather food particles. These particles can gather on tile and especially in the porous grout. After time, the food pieces will attract bugs and other pests. For families with small children, these food particles that may grow bacteria pose another threat. Food that is accidentally dropped can instantly pick up the bacteria from the tile and grout. If the food is consumed, it can lead to diseases.

While tile floors should be regularly scrubbed and treated with mold-discouraging vinegar, nothing can really get into the microscopic pores of these surfaces like a professional cleaning. These professional cleanings should be scheduled more frequently the more frequently a room is used. With regular upkeep, bacteria and mold can be kept out of tile and out of a home.

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